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Inside Country Cottage Alpacas

2023 updates! All the animals are loving the new barn. During winter and even now when its starting to warm up ! Laying in there with the fans and cooler floors. The loft is done for our friends and relatives to stay . We still have some panels to finish inside the barn and the outside areas with some more concrete and landscaping . There is always something to do on a farm right?! Next week we are getting a new lamb and a few crias due in August- send positive vibes all goes smoothly. ❤️🦙

Michael and I moved to the beautiful Willamette Valley over 8 years ago. Left the city life of Los Angeles to buy a 26 acre farm in the beautiful hills of McMinnville. We are a small farm in a small town, but we also own an expanding vineyard!

It has been a life-long dream to own alpacas , and we will be expanding our farm to have more beautiful animals. As a passionate animal enthusiast, we also currently have a llama , chickens, kunekune pigs, sheep, rabbits, dogs and cats. We believe in treating our animals as part of the family and giving them the best care possible. Our alpacas are high quality animals and we are looking forward to showing them this year and learning more about the alpaca world.

Please feel free to contact us and come visit the farm!

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Country Cottage Alpacas

A New Cria! Amber Love ❤️ She is special and fiercely independent with beautiful fleece. 

Guess what! Finally a new cria born in May 11th 2022. Her name is Amber Love. She is a suri alpaca and golden brown with a splash 💦 of white on the forehead. Set up a time this summer to come visit the farm , learn about alpacas and shop in the store. We also have our lovely wine for you to taste . 

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